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At T3 Life Coaching, we know that life can sometimes be unbearable.  We’re here to help you make it through!


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Conducting a self evaluation to target the issues and obstacles in your life


Learning and utilizing the proper tools and skills to transform your life and dreams into reality



Using both new and enhanced tools and skills to continue to grow, develop, and thrive both personally and professionally

We would like to thank our guest life coach Trenity Dobbey for gracing us with her presence at the Unveiling Experience we truly enjoyed your topic on stress management and identifying triggers and how to create ways to cope, manage and heal from stress within. You are a beautiful soul.
Christine King

Owner, B.O. Essentials

Trenity’s networking event, The Movement A Chicago Entrepreneurial Expo was one of the best events I’ve been to! Honestly!

Nadia Simone

Creator/Host at theNSider & Field Producer at ABC 7 Chicago

Trenity was simply amazing while speaking on stress management, coping, and her journey to true empowerment and control of her life. She truly captivated the audience and inspired us all.

Dominique Jones

Owner, Scratch My Batch

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